"Mazel Tov" is a Jewish expression to congratulate or give thanks for a joyous occasion.  It also means to live amongst the Jewish people.  The writer Margot, is an atheist, ex-Catholic who lives as a tutor with a Belgian Family.  A wonderful memoir translated from Belgian and a great way to get an insight into other cultures. Highly recommended. 


Here's what the others say:

When 20-year-old student J. S. Margot took a tutoring job in 1987, little did she know it would open up an entire world.

In the family's Orthodox Jewish household she would encounter endless rules - 'never come on a Friday, never shake hands with a man' - and quirks she had not seen before: tiny tubes on the doorposts, separate fridges for meat and dairy products. Her initial response was puzzlement and occasionally anger, but as she taught the children and fiercely debated with the family, she also began to learn from them.

Full of funny misunderstandings and unexpected connections, Mazel Tov is a heartwarming, provocative and disarmingly honest memoir of clashing cultures and unusual friendships - and of how, where adults build walls, sometimes only children can dissolve them.


Mazel Tov: My story of an extrodinary friendshp with a Jewish Orthodox family


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